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Sewer Repair

Do you have a sewer problem? Sewer back- ups can be caused by a variety of reasons including root intrusion, collapsed and bellied pipes. Before any work begins to repair or replace your sewer lines it makes sense that the cause of the blockage should be analyzed and the location of the blockage determined. That way you will get the job done right and save time and money on repairs.

Trenchless sewer repair, open trench sewer repair, and sewer video inspections are jobs we handle. We have over 42 years of experience and are up- to- date on the latest technology, equipment and permits necessary to complete your sewer repair. The video camera allows us to find the exact location of the problem and fix it efficiently with minimal digging. All work will be inspected by your local sewer department. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Do I Need A Sewer Repair?

Sewer repair is required when your sewer line is clogged or starts leaking. Sewer problems are probably one of the most difficult plumbing scenarios you can experience. To solve these more complicated plumbing problems, you need qualified professional sewer repair technicians that are experienced and know how to solve the problem properly. Depending on the condition of your sewer pipe, you may have to replace a section of the pipe or the entire pipe. To determine if you need to replace a section of sewer pipe, or the entire sewer pipe, a sewer scope inspection is performed to evaluate the condition of your sewer.

Sewer Replacement

Video Camera Inspection

Sewer repair that is performed correctly requires a video inspection. A “sewer scope” is when a camera is inserted into the sewer pipe and sends back a live video of the condition and the location of the blockage in your sewer line. Our video inspection equipment is also equipped with locators to determine the location and depth of the sewer line damage from above ground. This allows for spot repairs if possible. Video inspections can confirm if you have tree root intrusion, separated pipes, offset pipe joints, or a broken pipe. Using this technology, allows us to identify the problem and give our customers an exact quote for the repair.

Typical Sewer Problems

One of the main causes of sewer line damage is the growth of roots through cracked pipes. The majority of sewer pipe material used is clay pipe. One small crack in an old sewer line will make it the target for a root system to take hold and block or destroy the pipe. If this were to happen, we can remove the old clay pipe and replace with plastic.

We offer complete solutions for your sewer needs including entire sewer installation. We promise fast and dependable service, minimal disruption of your residence or commercial business, and flat rate, honest pricing.